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FT Trend is a brand of Day Day Push Limited and it is a Finance Industry Focused KOL Channel


FT Trend is a diversified online financial self-media, focusing on providing latest financial market information for mainly Chinese speaking audience whom are located in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. This channel also covers hottest trend on health, entertainment and technology industry sector.


Our main goal is to help each audience to distinguish and identify the correct news and information.

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3 Key Advantages of

FT Trend Channel

High Proportion of Female Followers

Our Followers are mainly Chinese speaking audience which come from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

High EngagemenT RatIO

The average post engagement ratio of FT Trend remains above 10% since launched 2023.

36 million Chinese speaking potential Clients

Meanwhile, we have tools to help promoting your business to reach our 36 million chinese speaking audience in South East Asia.

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