Case Study - Increasing Regional Conversions for Huobi Global with Facebook Ad Campaign

If you’re looking to stand out in a highly competitive regional crypto market, having a Facebook Ad Campaign would help you to draw huge attention from the potential crypto traders and a great success on your business.

Huobi Global, a global leading cryptocurrency exchange, came to Day Day Push looking to drive high quality traffic, taking the brand to a new level of brand awareness and attracts active daily traders.

Day Day Push Case Study
Day Day Push Case Study

Key Campaign Results for Huobi Global

· Run 16 Campaign on Facebook

· Over 40 million impressions and 18 million reach in 3 months

· Over 15,000 new registrations in 3 months

· Increased brand awareness in the India

Day Day Push Facebook Ad
Day Day Push Facebook Ad

Execution on Facebook Ad Campaign

Huobi India launched its Facebook ad campaign with banners that contains a variety of marketing message, featuring different creatives and types of call-to-action buttons.

By using the powerful targeting tools from the Facebook ad manager, Day Day Push helps the client to assign each display ad with its own targeting, allowing for further refinement down the line.

Examples of different formats and size of banners for Huobi India ad campaigns

Day Day Push helps Huobi Global to run the campaign on CPM model across a wide geographic and demographic-set, including the specific location of target audiences, people who are interest on crypto currency trading or financial investment, specific age group and certain level of household income of target audiences, etc.

The results

Huobi Global saw an excellent result driven by the Day Day Push team. The 16 individual Facebook ad campaign have reached an audience base that are interested in crypto currency or similar investment product with more than 18 million times across all devices.

Within 3 months, Huobi India saw over 15,000 new signups from India, which is incredible for crypto traffic from Facebook ad and a much better benchmark compared to what the client used to have.

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